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Sat. 4/9 6:00 AM Newbury Park Post Horse Show
Sat. 4/16 6:00 AM Agua Dulce Post Horse Show
Sat. 4/30 6:00 AM Lake View Terrace Post Show
Sat. 5/7 6:00 AM Rain Date - All Posts

Back up show date in case of rain.

Sat. 10/22 All day Regimental Show

The Regimental Horseshow will be on October 22, 2011 at the Newbury Park Post.

The rain date is set for October 29, 2011.

Sun. 12/1 5:00 PM Hollywood Christmas Parade
Sat. 10/25 9:00 AM Regimental Show

2014 Regimental Show will be held at the Newbury Park Post on Saturday, October 25th.  See map & directions below

Sat. 1/31 9:00 AM Troop C Horse Expo
Sun. 4/19 All day JAT Showcase On Sunday, April 19th, the Junior Advanced Team will be performing a showcase at the California Polo Club in Lake View Terrace. Come on out to see a great group of ladies show off their skills in preparation of their upcoming performances in Ceres in... more
Fri. 5/1
Sun. 5/3
All day JAT Competition - Ceres

Sat. 5/16 9:00 AM Newbury Park Post Show

Sat. 6/6 9:00 AM LVT Post Show

Wed. 6/17
Sun. 6/21
All day JAT Competition - Reno

WSEDTA Western States Championship

Sat. 11/7 9:00 AM 2015 REGIMENTAL SHOW

Our annual Regimental Show

Sat. 2/13 6:00 AM JAT Practice-LVT

Polo arena needed

Sun. 2/14 8:30 AM JAT Practice NP
Sat. 2/20 8:30 AM JAT Practice NP

Sat. 2/27 6:00 AM JAT Practice-LVT

polo arena needed

Sun. 2/28 8:30 AM JAT Practice NP
Sat. 3/5 8:30 AM JAT Practice NP
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